Thursday, 9 July 2009

1. Punch

The 78 punch recipes that can be found in Jerry Thomas' 'Bar Tender's Guide - How To Mix Drinks; or, The Bon Vivant's Companion', are preceded by the following piece of advice with regards the preparation of punch.

1. Punch

To make punch of any sort in perfection, the ambrosial essence of the lemon must be extracted by rubbing lumps of sugar on the rind, which breaks the delicate little vessels that contain the essence, and at the same time absorbs it. This, and making the mixture sweet and strong, using tea instead of water, and thoroughly amalgamating all the compounds, so that the taste of neither the bitter, the sweet, the spirit, nor the element, shall be perceptible one over the other is the grand secret, only to be acquired by practice.

In making hot toddy, or hot punch, you must put in the spirits before the water: in cold punch, grog, &c., the other way.

The precise portions of spirit and water, or even of the acidity and sweetness, can have no general rule, as scarcely two persons make punch alike.

So there we have it, if anyone ever asks how to make Punch, recite this. That'll teach them...


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