Thursday, 9 July 2009

2. Brandy Punch

(Use large bar glass)

1 tablespoonful raspberry syrup (1/2 ounce)
2 do. white sugar (1 ounce)
1 wine-glass water (2 ounce)
1 1/2 do. brandy (3 ounce - Hennessy Fine de Cognac - 40% ABV)
1/2 small sized lemon
2 slices of orange
1 piece of pineapple

Fill the tumbler with shaved ice, shake well, and dress the top with berries in season; sip through a straw.

Method: Squeeze lemon into glass, add water, sugar and stir until dissolved. Add raspberry syrup and brandy, fill with cracked ice and roll back and forth between glass and shaker until well mixed.
Glass: Boston
Garnish: Orange slices, piece of pineapple and fresh raspberries
Ice: Cracked ice
Notes: The fruit in the recipe is not specified to be included in the drink, and going by the picture in the book, the fruit is used as a garnish that was probably eaten alongside the drink. If you wanted you could shake the fruit in the drink but this would result in an unpleasant looking beverage, as well as being over-diluted from the cracked ice.

A decent drink with blackcurrant and lemon on the nose. The flavour of the raspberry syrup doesn't seem to carry through very well in this drink, I just don't think the balance is right. Not a bad effort, but one that goes down as 'must do better'.

If I was to make this drink again, I'd be inclined to raise the level of the raspberry syrup and cut back on the sugar a little. I'd also be inclined to use tea instead of water, I think that would make a huge difference.


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