Thursday, 9 July 2009

4. Mississippi Punch

(Use large bar glass)

1 wine-glass of brandy. (2 ounce - Louis Royer Force 53 - 53% ABV)
1/2 do. Jamaica rum. (1 ounce - Appleton Special - 40% ABV)
1/2 do. Bourbon whiskey. (1 ounce - Bulleit bourbon - 40% ABV)
1/2 do. water.
1 1/2 table-spoonful of powdered white sugar.
1/4 of a large lemon

Fill a tumbler with shaved ice.

The above must be well shaken, and to those who like their draughts "like linked sweetness long drawn out," let them use a glass tube or straw to sip the nectar through. The top of this punch should be ornamented with small pieces of orange, and berries in season.

Method: Squeeze lemon into glass, add water, sugar and stir until dissolved. Add brandy, rum and whiskey, fill with cracked ice and shake hard for 5 seconds. Pour, unstrained, into large glass to serve.
Glass: Boston
Garnish: Orange slices and fresh raspberries
Ice: Cracked ice
Notes: Considering the amount of liquor in this drink, I found it to be a very well balanced punch. It reminded me of Tiki drinks like Trader Vic's 'Scorpion', and I wouldn't be surprised if the Mississippi Punch had some sort of influence on it.

Lots of fresh lemon and grapefruit on the nose. The taste begins with a moderate sweetness, followed quickly by notes of caramel and a hint of coffee as well. I also detected a little vanilla in there. The finish is warm and predominantly from the brandy, almost chilli-chocolate like.

Fans of Crustas, Sidecars, aged rum Daiquiris and Whiskey Sours will love this drink, although I believe the addition of orgeat syrup would take this drink up a notch and make it truly sublime.


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